Bylaws / Constitution


About Us

Mission Statement

Wisconsin Social Service Association: Providing a connection to Wisconsin’s Human Service program and providers, helping to shape policies and practices to ensure effective services to people throughout the State of Wisconsin and giving a voice to workers who administer various human and social service programs.


We Believe...

  • Every individual is unique, has worth and deserves to be treated with dignity.
  • Respect, honesty and integrity are essential in everything we do.
  • Everyone has the right and responsibility to make personal choices affecting all areas of their life.
  • In the continual pursuit of excellence and that striving for excellence is always worth the investment.
  • A cooperative effort among clients, state agencies, private agencies and the community is essential to the development and administration of public assistance programs.
  • The family or caregiver has primary responsibility in the development of their children.
  • Everyone has unlimited potential and must be given the opportunity to achieve their potential.



  • We will not tolerate prejudicial discrimination of any kind.

  • We will not allow personal agendas to take precedence over what is in the best interest of the organization and its membership.

  • We will not tolerate ineffective decision making that is harmful to the entire organization. Planning and decisions will be proactive and reactive.